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20 x AW /DM sound sample ZIP discs

Serial number: 069


New discs.


Signed by Alan Wilder, limited numbered edition


Only 20 of these Zip discs exist and each is personally numbered and signed by Alan. Every disc contains a collection of sound banks designed for the Emax sampler. These are the exact sounds which were programmed and used by Alan during DM’s ‘Devotional’ and ‘Music For The Masses’ tours. Each bank contains an array of sounds allocated across the keyboard for the live performances. In nearly all cases, the samples were sourced from the original multitrack recordings. You will also find sounds for song versions which were only ever performed live, plus songs which never actually made the final tour set list.


# (Bank) Song Tour Played live?
00 People Are People MFTM Tour
01 A Question of Time MFTM Tour
02 A Question of Lust MFTM Tour
03 Pleasure Little Treasure MFTM Tour
04 Sacred MFTM Tour
05 Blasphemous Rumours MFTM Tour
06 It Doesn't Matter MFTM Tour
07 The Things You Said MFTM Tour
08 Strangelove MFTM Tour
09 Shake The Disease MFTM Tour
10 Never Let Me Down Again MFTM Tour
11 Just Can't Get Enough MFTM Tour
12 Stripped MFTM Tour
13 Pipeline MFTM Tour
14 Nothing MFTM Tour
15 Behind The Wheel MFTM Tour
16 Something to Do MFTM Tour
17 Everything Counts MFTM Tour
18 Somebody MFTM Tour
?? Perc 1 MFTM Tour
?? It Doesn't Matter SEQ MFTM Tour
?? Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth MFTM Tour
?? Black Celebration MFTM Tour
?? Master And Servant MFTM Tour
34 Mercy In You Devotional Tour
35 Fly On The Windscreen Devotional/Exotic Tour
36 Nothing Devotional Tour
37 Something to Do Devotional/Exotic Tour
38 Leave In Silence Devotional Tour
39 A Question of Lust Devotional/Exotic Tour
40 Clean Devotional Tour
41 Condemnation Devotional/Exotic Tour
42 Everything Counts Devotional/Exotic Tour
43 Waiting For The Night Exotic Tour
44 I Want You Now Exotic Tour