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Over 400 lots went under the hammer as Alan Wilder sold a large selection of musical / studio equipment and memorabilia at the auction. Many items were very collectable and held special value having been used extensively in the recording sessions for classic Depeche Mode & Recoil albums, as well as live performances on the Black Celebration, Music For The Masses, World Violation and Devotional tours.


The additional memorabilia such as Gold & Platinum award discs, leather clothing, rare acetates & test pressings, artwork, posters, tour merchandise and much more, covered Alan's entire musical career, focusing mainly on the years between 1982 & 1995 and helped to make this one of the most exciting career sales to hit the public domain ever. It was also the first time ever that a Depeche Mode memorabilia sale on this scale appeared.

AW's Quote

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2011 was to start streamlining my set-up at The Thin Line Studios. My needs have altered a bit since laptops, soft synths and plug-ins have come to the fore, and even though I’m emotionally attached, passing on some vintage gear and historical items seemed like a good way to start.

Since my teenage years I’ve been an avid collector of interesting and unique musical items, including a ‘Steinway’ Grand piano, vintage keyboards, synthesisers such as the ‘Mini-moog’, ‘Arp Odyssey’, a ‘Wurlitzer’ electric piano, plus ‘Manley’ valve amps, valve-driven ‘Telefunken’ amps and a ‘Manley’ limiter/compressor. Also in the auction was one very special guitar and various ‘Emulators’ which were featured during the Mode tours, and I even had my old stage clothing, touring wardrobe, the ‘Devotional’ drum kit, drumming extras and other artifacts all up for grabs.

I also decided that, since I was having a clear out, why not include some extra memorabilia and pass on some of the stuff I’d collected over the years – like my leather jackets, tour merchandise, rare records, promo items and even presentation awards. So I expanded the concept and hopefully created an exciting and unique global event.

We initially thought about eBay as I know many are familiar with that process, but the sheer scale of such a sale would have meant many difficult issues regarding accepting payments & shipping methods required to facilitate a smooth process. Using a professional company meant that we could control those aspects much more efficiently, put together a special live event, and still be able to implement the on-line part of the sale which we knew would attract the vast majority of those wishing to take part.

Thank you to everyone involved for all your help and I hope you enjoyed the auction.

Source: The Alan Wilder / Depeche Mode Collection