Christmas Island Sequence

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Alan playing the Christmas Island sequence on his Emulator II

This sequence was in one of Alan's Emulator II discs, and is the same he played in one of his Emulator II demonstrations.

As with the Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth sequence, we don't have a good quality mix.

Below you can listen to a bad quality sequence. We're already working on getting a better one, but don't hold your breath, as it could take a while.

We've also noticed that a YouTube channel uploaded a demo of the original disc playing in his Emulator II years ago. You can visit it clicking here. We couldn't clarify if the person who uploaded it got the disc directly from the auction or if he was one of the persons who helped Alan to organise his auction.

However, this disc's samples have been leaked for over a year now. We'll add another page under the "Banks" category as soon as possible. We're still missing the original patch, feel free to send us an email if you have a copy of it.