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An Emu Emax SE

This keyboard had an internal hard drive (20MB) in its HD version and just 512KB of RAM. It was a replacement for the Emulator II used on the previous tours (Black Celebration tour, Some Great Reward tour...)

The Emax was a low cost version of the Emulator II. The base model costed $2,995; a rack version was also available for $2,695, and the sampling specifications were very similar to the Emulator II's ones, which was one of the most important samplers of the 80s (and the early 90s)

It was sold by E-mu Systems from 1986 to 1995, and there were three different versions: HD, SE and Plus

In 1989 it was discontinued and replaced by the Emu Emax II. Some persons the prefer Emu Emax, as the filters are truly analog

Alan did a demonstration of the keyboard, which was included on the 101 DVD


Alan's demonstration of the Emu Emax
Tour Used? Used by
CTA Tour
SGR Tour
BC Tour
MFTM Tour Alan, Martin, Fletch
WV Tour
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