Emu Emax II

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This keyboard was the replacement of the Emu Emax. It was a true 16-bit sampler and it had more polyphony, but the filters were digital, and it sounded noticeably different from the Emax. The built-in RAM was 2MB expandable up to 8MB with a memory card and a disk.

Alan's Emu Emax II Turbo, with a setlist still attached

The Emax II was a better version of the Emu Emax, but the price increased. The base model costed $3,595, and a fully expanded one costed about $8,000. It had a good sound library.

It was sold by E-mu Systems from 1989 to 1995, and there were different versions: from 2201 to 2214.

In 1995 it was discontinued and replaced by the ESi-32.

This keyboard was used in more tours than the Emu Emax, probably due to its specifications (it had more RAM, the Turbo version came with a built-in hard drive, it had a good sound...)


Tour Used? Used by
CTA Tour
SGR Tour
BC Tour
WV Tour Alan, Martin, Fletch
Devotional Tour Alan, Martin, Fletch
Exotic Tour Alan, Martin, Fletch
The Singles Tour Martin, Fletch