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An Emu Emulator II

The Emu Emulator II was released in 1984, and it was Emu's second sampler. It was an 8-bit sampler as the Emu Emulator, however, it had superior fidelity to the Emulator due to the use of digital companding and a 27.7 kHz sample rate. It also was more flexible in editing sounds, as resonant analog filters were added.

This sampler had a great library, most of the samples that it had were used in the 80s, and it was very popular with many musicians.

In recent years, the Emulator II has risen in popularity due to the resurgence in the 1980s pop culture, with new artists wishing to revive the Emulator-based sound. Prices for functioning units have gone up, and websites dedicated to selling the original floppies have now emerged.

Alan's Emulator II was sold with some floppy disks at his auction.


Alan using his Emulator II
Tour Used? Used by
CTA Tour
SGR Tour Alan
BC Tour Alan, Martin
WV Tour
Devotional Tour
Exotic Tour
The Singles Tour