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Depeche Mode Files

This project is currently a WIP. Feel free to submit changes, corrections, new submissions, etc clicking here, or send us an email at or We periodically check both, so please, do NOT send the same submission at both emails.

We recommend you using the formulary though, as you can also put optional details such as your name, mail, webpage, etc.

Before sending a submission, please make sure it's not already there.

Depeche Mode Files

Missing Banks

Below you can see a list of the missing banks from Alan's setup. Sadly, most of them are completely lost due to the technician who repaired Emax II's being unable to repair some corrupted banks.

# (Bank) Song Download Tour Played live?
?? Higher Love Devotional Tour
?? Policy of Truth Devotional/Exotic Tour
?? World In My Eyes Devotional/Exotic Tour
?? Walking In My Shoes Devotional/Exotic Tour
?? Behind The Wheel Devotional Tour
?? Halo Devotional/Exotic Tour
?? Enjoy The Silence Devotional/Exotic Tour