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{{Infobox single
{{Infobox single
| Name          = In Your Room
| Name          = In Your Room

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"In Your Room"
Single by Depeche Mode
from the album Songs of Faith and Devotion
Recorded 1993
Released January 10, 1994 (UK)
January 18, 1994 (US)
Format CD, Vinyl, Cassette
Length 04:49 (Single Version)
06:26 (Album Version)
Stems None
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 98bpm
Key ?
References Jul 23 2018 at Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany
Live debut May 19 1993 at Espace Foire, Lille, France
Last played Unknown
Writer(s) Martin L. Gore
Producer(s) Alan Wilder, Steve Lyon, Flood, Butch Vig (single version)
Label Mute Records
Depeche Mode singles chronology

Condemnation In Your Room

Songs of Faith and Devotion track listing
  1. I Feel You (Single)
  2. Walking In My Shoes (Single)
  3. Condemnation (Single)
  4. Mercy in You
  5. Judas
  6. In Your Room (Single)
  7. Get Right With Me w/ interlude
  8. Rush
  9. One Caress
  10. Higher Love


In Your Room is a song composed by Martin Gore somewhat darker than the other songs on the album. As the B sides appear a remix of the song Higher Love from the same album, along with live performances taken from the Devotional Tour.

It was published in a special presentation of a drop-down package with enough space to offer three different versions, the original disc, a live disc and one of remixes.

It reached eighth place in the UK Singles Chart.

It was the first DM single presented in digital CD format for its standard edition.