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This is a brief listing with some notes of all the known live projections.

World Violation Tour

Tour Projection Notes
World Violation Tour Waiting for the Night Pictures of the moon in different phases and the band members holding fireworks
I Want You Now/Here Is the House/Little 15 A rose and the band members
World Full of Nothing/Sweetest Perfection/Blue Dress A rose and the band members
Clean A paintbrush painting the word 'Clean'
Personal Jesus Band members and a couple of cowgirls
Behind the Wheel and Route 66 Band members taking a trip

Devotional/Exotic Tour

Tour Projection Notes
Devotional Tour/Exotic Tour Walking in My Shoes Some men with a bird head walking
Stripped A pen writting the word "stripped"
Condemnation Hands praying, Dave and Martin hanging
Judas/A Question of Lust/Waiting for the Night/I Want You Now Candles. The same projection was reused using timecodes
I Feel You Shadows of the band members performing
Never Let Me Down Again An astronaut lost in the space
In Your Room A light bulb and some women faces
Enjoy the Silence The faces of band members transforming

The Singles Tour

Tour Projection Notes
The Singles Tour It's No Good Pictures featuring the band music videos from 1986 to 1997
Walking in My Shoes Band members in various costumes
A Question of Lust Pictures of the band members with their faces slowly changing
Stripped Pictures of fruit
Enjoy the Silence Items from the 1990 video, like a crown or a portable chair
Barrel of a Gun Clips from the 'Barrel of a Gun' music video
I Feel You This projection was used on the first 2 gigs only: A cartoon version of the band members and the words 'I Feel You' on the screen

Exciter Tour

Tour Projection Notes
Exciter Tour Waiting for the Night A water drop falling into the water
The Bottom Line/Surrender/Dressed in Black/Sister of Night/Condemnation/Judas/It Doesn't Matter Two/Somebody A Canyon view with the time passing
In Your Room A shark chasing a little fish
It's No Good The band members in a coffee shop
Black Celebration A stylographic little man clapping

Touring the Angel

Tour Projection Notes
Touring the Angel Walking in My Shoes Men with bird head walking
Home A rose blowing in the wind
In Your Room A light bulb
I Feel You A naked girl
World in My Eyes Band members screens
Enjoy the Silence The 'Enjoy the Silence' music video in a cartoon style
Just Can't Get Enough Band members in a cartoon style

Tour of the Universe

Tour Projection Notes
Tour of the Universe In Chains An old man transforms into a bald kid and vice versa, while a woman walking changes her clothes
Walking in My Shoes A crow and it's eye looking at the crowd
Precious A typewriter writes some religious lines
Peace War images
Fragile Tension/Hole to Feed The Sounds of the Universe cover
In Sympathy/Policy of Truth Some balloons of many colours
Come Back / Miles Away/The Truth Is The planet Earth in the space
Enjoy the Silence Band members dressed as astronauts
Strangelove A lesbian scene: a girl undresses another girl and then licks her feet (the lick scene was censored in some countries)
Photographic Two tape machines
Personal Jesus Band members and a girl dancing
Waiting for the Night A disco ball

Delta Machine Tour

Tour Projection Notes
Delta Machine Tour Welcome to My World The words "Welcome to my world" and some coloured circles
Precious Dogs
Should be Higher Men playing with fire
Heaven Band members in outdoors
Enjoy the Silence Female contortionists
Goodbye Band members changing hats
Encore A photo of the band continuously changing
Halo Johanna Wokalek walking around Berlin
I Feel You Loudspeakers with shadows of a DJ and girls dancing

Global Spirit Tour

Tour Projection Notes
Global Spirit Tour Intro Marching boots
Going Backwards Paint strokes slowly disappearing
So Much Love The band performing outside
Useless Two people holding signs, mainly about worth and lyrics from the song
In Your Room A man and a woman dancing
World in My Eyes Dave Gahan’s shadow doing the “glasses” shape with his hands, as seen in the single cover art.
Cover Me Dave Gahan in an astronaut suit walking around and floating in space
A Question of Lust/Shake The Disease/Judas/Strangelove/Insight/Sister of Night A flag
Where's the Revolution Flags and boots marching
Enjoy the Silence Farm animals
Somebody A flag with "Somebody" written on it
Walking In My Shoes A transgender person getting ready to go out
Heroes / Policy of Truth A flag blows in the wind

Source: Wikipedia