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== '''Categories''' ==
== '''Categories''' ==
* [[:Category:Samplers|Samplers]]
* [[:Category:Alan_Wilder%27s_Auction|Alan Wilder's Auction]]
* [[:Category:Sequences|Sequences]]
* [[:Category:Sequences|Sequences]]
* [[:Category:Banks|Banks]]
* [[:Category:Banks|Banks]]

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Depeche Mode Files


DMFiles is a brand new, standalone project started in April 2019, and released in September 2019.

This project's aim is cataloguing rare items (not the ones available in Depmod, but others like backing tapes, multi-tracks, sequences...)

Note that this webpage is still a WIP. There are lots of missing pages, missing information... It will take some time to complete the wiki.

Users won't be able to edit pages until we complete some basic information.


  • A new page is available under the Live category: Live equipment
  • We've divided the Live gear section into two subsections: Live and Gear
  • To make the wiki look simpler, we've decided to add the "Live gear" section, which contains all the information we previously had about the samplers, Alan Wilder's auction and the live projections
  • We've added a new page: Live projections
  • You can now submit changes, submissions, etc clicking here. More information is available at the How to contribute page


Depeche Mode Files

About us

This project started on April 28 of 2019.

Our aim is making the information that has spent decades hidden available for everyone. Here you can find anything you want to know about the geek side of Depeche Mode, and even contribute with new entries.

We've spent hours collecting information and contacting people to share all the details you can see here.

Our logo in PNG format

DM Live Wiki and the Depeche Mode forum were the main influences for this wiki site. While DM Live Wiki hosts a great number of soundboards and audience recordings, we try to offer information about the "geek" part of Depeche Mode, so if you have an exclusive soundboard recording, please reach out to DM Live Wiki.

We're also trying to correct misinformation that has spread through the community.

Depeche Mode Files


We're not Depeche Mode and we are not affiliated with the band.

We have no contacts to book a performance or to schedule the band to appear. DMFiles is a fansite (created by fans of the band).

Please do not contact us if you are looking to get in touch with Depeche Mode or their management.

This wiki is written by the fans, for the fans, with the goal of becoming the number one source of reliable, factually-correct Depeche Mode information about their live gear, multi-tracks, etc on the Internet.

Requests to remove something from the site should be sent to the following email: depechemfiles@gmail.com or webmaster@dmfiles.net. Messages relating to all legal and business matters should go there as well.