NTYBOME Sequence

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This cover song was also featured in Martin L. Gore's Counterfeit E.P, released in 1989. It's a different version if we compare it with the one DM played live

Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth is a song originally by The Sparks which Depeche Mode covered. Martin L. Gore released it for his first solo project: Counterfeit E.P. This sequence was found in Alan's Emax II discs.

It appeared as bank number 21, and unfortunately its quality has been degraded, including some glitches in some samples.

We don't have a good quality track of this sequence, but we're already working on getting a better one.

Below you can listen to a bad quality recording of the sequence.

This song was probably going to be included in MFTM, but they finally decided to give a few vinyls to some persons from their fan club, back in 1987. It was a different version, though.